Plans for dissemination and use of project results

The dissemination will happen according to an operational plan which will indicate how and to whom project results will be offered. The dissemination plan will show all dissemination activities,

dissemination channels, responsible persons and activities schedule.

The project results will include resources, examples and guidelines on how listening, singing and

playing folk music is a powerful educational practice. The projects motivates the established

dissemination strategy of directing activities at the identified stakeholder groups including:

Internal :

• Individuals supporting learning and teaching

• Learners

• Individuals responsible for sharing good practice (Teachers and students of the schools)


• Educational institutions of all kinds

• Public authorities and policy makers (local authorities, governmental departments and agencies,

those responsible for qualifications at all levels)

• Individuals supporting learning and teaching (teachers, learning technologists, educational

developers, curriculum designers)

• Learners at all stages - school students, life-long learners

Key specific motivation for the above groups is our belief that this experience involves

changes in educational cultures. The above target groups will apply at local, regional and national

levels for all the partners, but there is also a need to work at an EU level. For example, we need to

address how the outcomes and impacts of our project results can best be integrated into

programmes across the EU. The perspective of making a contribution to learning culture is vital to

the sustainability of the project and its results.