2nd meeting in Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary


Before the meeting:

  1. Presentation on the web of the report ot the visit and subtitled photographs
  2. Publication, on the blog, a podcast of the audio local folk music and Christmas ones too
  3. Partners prepare with short films about their music classes and music lessons and bring it to the visit.
  4. The famous Hungarian folk song: Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt (was performed by famous singers (André Rieu, Freddy Mercury, Guns n' Roses) are sent to the participants to learn it.
  5. Promotion in a square of the locality of the traditional songs and dances
  6. Presentation of the project to the community
  7. Interim evaluation of the project with an application of the Inquiry Diagnostic
  8. Presentation of results on the blog

Music and dance

During the meeting:

  1. Visit the National Theatre in Szeged
  2. Music in Art: Artistic workshop at the school (creating jewellery and folk crafts)
  3. Dance and music workshop at the school
  4. Participate on a classical music concert at the local music school
  5. Participate on a Folk dance festival, partners bring their national folk dance customes and teach each other for their national folk dances.
  6. Participants sing the Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt together and create a common video clip