5th meeting in Katerini, Greece                          


Before the meeting:

  1. Presentation on the web of the report of the visit and subtitled photographs
  2. Publication, on the blog, a podcast of the audio local folk music
  3. Ebook with the translate lyrics of a musical style of each country
  4. Students prepare a music video with pictures of landmarks or landscapes from their region/country and as soundtrack a popular song of their country, which they will present when the teams meet
  5. Students choose one popular song of their country to teach (just a small part of it, eg. the chorus) to the other students during the meeting.
  6. Greek students send the music scores of a Greek popular instrumental piece of music by a famous Greek composer on google drive or on etwinning platform

All about music in Greece

During the meeting

  1. A music video presentation: Students present their music videos made by each school as soundtrack to the other teams. In this way, students introduce their area and music. Students can upload their videos on Youtube and Twinspace and vote on the best music clip.
  2. Traditional Greek Musical Instruments -workshop: presentation of the instruments and their music by music teachers of the school.
  3. Folklore Dance Academy: students participate in a traditional Greek dance lesson by professional teachers of traditional dances.
  4. "Teach me your song" karaoke workshop. Students work in teams and try to teach the chorus of a popular song of their culture to the teams of the other countries. When they are ready, they can sing karaoke and can record it on the video which they can edit and upload on the etwinning platform
  5. Find the lyrics: Students work in teams and are given a popular song to which they are asked to add lyrics in English to match the song. In this activity students can also practice their English and rhyming skills and rhythm.
  6. Music quiz: Students are divided in teams. A teacher plays the beginning of famous pieces of music (classical, film soundtracks, pop) and the students have to guess what it is. The team with the most answers wins.
  7. Traditional Music and Dance Festival: a concert with traditional and folk music performed by the students of the Music School of Katerini. The concert will be open to parents and the whole community. The students of the other schools will perform the Greek song they have learnt to play, which they will have rehearsed before the concert. Traditional Music will also be accompanied by traditional dancing with traditional costumes.
  8. Guided visit to the ancient city of Dion and its archaeological museum; the city of Thessaloniki and its Music Hall; a folklore museum in Pieria