6th meeting in Monopoli,Italy


Before the meeting:

  1. Quiz on Google drive about the Italian folk music or lyric music to have a survey the other partner students' knowledge about it.
  2. A vote for the better music played in the other countries before Italy.
  3. Suggestions on Etwinning of Apps to create music.

Playing in harmony

During the meeting

  1. Video about a festival of "Pizzica" - presentation of the history and tradition of this Pizzica music and its dance. A group of students will dance with a specialized school of "Pizzica" and another will learn to play the traditional instrument "tamburello"(tambourine).
  2. Workshop "Role play with opera" - Some teachers will work in the listening of opera, with a following role play of small parts of it.
  3. Workshop Music and art:students will listen to music from different countries and will create drawings or some poetic lines as Haikus.
  4.  Musical contamination: an expert will present in English the topic to teachers , students and parents.
  5. Music and Apps: students will create music mixing pieces of different countries using advices.
  6. Monument hunt could be made in the Tour Builder: students will look for monuments in the town with suited clues with music or songs.
  7. Concert lesson in a theatre to see a real opera or music exhibition.
  8. Rehearsal: the students will have the rehearsal with the orchestra and choir.
  9. Music Festival: final concert with the music from all the countries and students too. Award ceremony of the school whose music has won the vote on Etwinning.
  10. Project summary among teachers.