Project Partners
Schools involved in the project

The Istituto Comprensivo ' Modugno-Galilei' is a comprehensive school located in the centre ofMonopoli, a town in the province of Bari in Apulia,Italy It is attended by pupils ( about 1000) comingfrom the neighborhood. It includes 3 complexes of kindergarten, 1 for primary school (children from 6to 10) and one for junior high school (students from 11 to 14).The teachers are about 200. The juniorhigh school offers regular courses and musical courses, in fact students can choose among eightdifferent instruments: cello, piano, guitar, flute, violin, clarinet, accordion, trumpet. The instrumentlessons take place in the afternoon. The school is provided with an orchestra and a choir includingstudents from different ages. All the students learn English as a foreign language and can choosebetween French and Spanish as second foreign language. The school offers the possibility to attendcourses to pass English exams for Trinity and Cambridge certifications.The school has also takenpart in two Comenius projects and one eTwinning project.The last two years we took part in theproject "Educhannge" , the hosting at school of young volunteers from Russia, Georgia and Pakistangave our students an extraordinary cultural opportunity. Many extra-curricular activities are based onacting, science, art, computer technology are also provided. We have won prizes , also at nationallevel, for art,music and especially for the plays. We are an ITC school ,using it in the daily metodologyin each class and having a computer class, too.With this project the school will have a more chanceto develope these skills of the students, learning to use new technological tools and the teachers willcompare and extend their ITC knowledges and teaching metodologies ,too Our school is alsoengaged in the integration of students with special needs following a special programme andfollowed by specialized teachers . Since some years we have also suitable courses for immigrantstudents, especially from China and Albania, which are also well included in the school community.This variety of activities , our experience of cultural exchanges with other countries and the musicalcourses allow the school to face the different parts of the project . But although our school offers a lotof opportunities to our students to grow up, they always look lost in a word full of technology andinclusion of people from other countries, living on the mediterranean coasts. So they need to becomeEuropean citizens being part of all ,respecting themselves, the others and the world. This project willhave a positive impact on the students, helping them to redescover their culture through music, anessential part of themselves, but also for their families and people in contact with them. In Erasmusteam there are coordinator Tournier Francesca , English teacher Pavone Mariella, Technologyteacher Giuseppe Francolino and music teacher Giovanni Lenoci, member of headteacher staff.

The Music School of Katerini is a state school located in Katerini, a town about 80 km from Thessaloniki. The school belongs to the district of Pieria which is a historic area rich in culture and traditions, set near the legendary mountain Olympus and the ancient city of Dion.

The Music School of Katerini was founded in 2000. At the moment there are around 280 students.Our school offers secondary (12-15) and upper secondary education (16-18) and the students' age ranges from 12 to 18. Our curriculum focuses not only on subjects of general education but also on subjects of European, Byzantine and Traditional Music. Our students have to learn to play at least three different musical instruments, two of which are compulsory (piano and tamboura-a traditional musical instrument) and a third instrument of their choice. They can choose from a wide range of musical instruments. It is worth mentioning that our students participate in different music ensembles, bands, choirs and quite frequently take part in concerts, festivals and events of both European and Traditional music on local, national and international level.

Our school is a primary music school in Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary. The city is located in the south-east region of Hungary. The population consists of about 50000 inhabitants, who mainly live in agriculture and trade. However, due to the economic crisis, the number of unemployed people was increased in the recent years. In the city there are 5 primary schools, two grammar schools, and a vocational school. The schools have a strong cooperation with the University of Szeged, many graduated students come to our town for practice. Our school is a middle-size school, we have 402 students between the age of 6 and 14.Pupils attending our school are accepted regardless of social or racial discrimination and come from a mixed social environment: disabled pupils, socially and economically disadvantaged pupils, pupils having a failure experience in their former school. They are offered the possibility to achieve a successful education through music and art. The school uses Kodaly method. Regarding this profile, music, art and the transmission of cultural heritage plays important part of the educational process. The pupils have the opportunity to sing in the children's choir, to play instrumental music and take part in various extra lessons concerning art activities and folk dance. Within our school the partnership will be useful to reinforce the European dimension of education in our whole educative community (teachers, students, families, institutions...), open one's mind to other cultures , musical heritage and traditions different from ours, pursue quality and develop the sense of an active and aware European citizenship. Our children gain the opportunity to get in connection with foreign children, share experiences, learn a lot about their role within the European Union and work together in the traditions and musical heritage. In achieving this aim, the children can successfully merge their artistic sense with creativity. During the period of 2009-2011 our institute has carried out a multilateral Comenius School Partnership project. The title of the project was: Your World, My World; Differences that Keep us United. The projects aimed to raise awareness of the culture of the participating nations with each other, to explore the differences among themselves and by this to learn to appreciate the other people ' s cultures and our own. Main part of the project was to introduce our musical heritage and the Hungarian music for the other partners. Regarding this profile, music, art and the transmission of cultural heritage plays important part of the educational process. The pupils have the opportunity to sing in the children's choir, to play instrumental music and take part in various extra lessons concerning art activities and folk dance.The school also takes active part in the community's cultural life. Our choir and folk dance group often perform on city ceremonies.

Agrupamento de Escolas António Correia de Oliveira is a public general secondary school which includes classes for, primary (235 students) and secondary education (621 students). Currently there are 856 enrolled students ranging from 6-15 years old, 79 teachers and 24 non-teaching staff. Our students come from a county whose the main household activity is industry, coexisting with this mode of subsistence the traditional agriculture-oriented activities, where has been a subject of intense human pressure and a certain disordered urban occupation, with some disregard for nature and landscape values included in them. However, the city has assumed an important role in betting on the environment. Our school throughout the years has been developing projects at national and international level in different areas, from arts, portuguese language, sports, science/biology and information technology and communication. Most of these projects were awarded. It has also developed other projects in cooperation with the City Hall, the Municipal Library and Municipal Museum such as interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activities. The project "Following the Waves of Music around Europe" responds to the needs of the teachers and students of our schools in an international and multicultural collaboration. Music can be an essential meaning to establish the link between individuals and peoples. It will be approached as a mean of communication to propose an ideal of coexistence behavior, also to develop the sense and sensibility towards diversity, integration, multiculturality. Besides achieving moral and social values, they will be able to acquire and apply knowledge, as well as certain competences related to the subjects they study at school.

The key persons are: Albino Neiva, head teacher and Music teacher, involving the whole school community in the educational project and ensuring the continuity of the working group, if any teacher leaves, indicating another person to ensure the continuity of the project; Ângela Novo, Mathematics and Natural Sciences teacher, will assume responsibility for managing the entire project, including budget control and oversight of activities; Maria Alice Pimenta, Portuguese and French teacher, also school librarian, coordinator and responsible for the management of the five school libraries and coordinator of school projects, and also of projects in the field of reading promotion, mainly associated to the new information technologies and ITC; Rui Santos, Arts teacher, responsible for several projects in the national and international scope, namely in school libraries and animation cinema, was also coordinator of a previous Comenius project and, currently, coordinator of an Erasmus+ project.

Our school is GSD Alcalá, located in Alcalá de Henares, a beautiful heritage, cultural and Universitycity near Madrid capital city. We are quite a big school (about 1000 students) aged from 0 to 18,that's to say we offer Infant Education (0-3 and 3-6), Primary (6-12), Secondary (12-16) and upper Seccondary education (16-18). We also offer a wide range of cultural and sport activities,etc.Our curriculum focuses on languages, English and French, involving students in educational learning based in the respect, dignity, promoting the interest for the discovering of new projectseven the scientist areas as humanistic. While the methodolgy used is cooperative, project based learning, ICT, multiple intelligence.Our school was founded in 2007, and there are 1.631 students and 257 people in staff, about 106 of them are teachers . Our students come from financially medium average backgrounds, different nacionalities, some especial needs students who are attended by Pedagogical Guidance Team.We teach our students in social plurality, in good sense and balance of society that sorrounded them through culture, music, arts, sports and respect of environment. Our school tries to involve students in the knowledge through all their capacities and social habilities development to be more interested in their social and natural context.Our school gives students the opportunity of take part in the Music School and Cultural Asociation to play music instruments, sing in a choir, as well as in the theatre activities, radio and dancing school, and a wide range of extracurricular activities in this field . Also, they participate in different shows and contest in our community.The School organize activities abroad, they are developed in the school year and in summer, with the aim of knowing languages, culture and traditions from other places. These activities are useful to approach students to other cultures, heritage, music, experiences, etc..Our music teachers are high skilled teachers who develop all their knowledge to students not only in the music classes even all the extracurricular activities performance in the school, and the city of Alcalá de Henares. This project will give our students the chance to reinforce the European Identity and increase their entrepreneurial capacity. Being part of this project, will be the starting point for the internationalization of all our Educational Community (students, teachers, families, staff) and working with other countries' students and teachers will let us grow in the European multiculturalism Bilingualism (English) in all the Educational stages, is one of our identification in the whole community, as well as French is teaching as a second language in the Primary and Secondary stages' curriculum; the main idea is to go towards multilingualism.

The mountain town of Vratsa is located in northwestern Bulgaria, at the foot of the national park "Vrachanski Balkan", which is part of the Stara Mountains. It is 120 km from capital .Some families go to Sofia (our capital) and other go to foreign  countries. More than 30 % of our pupils are emigrant's children. 

SU "Otec Paisii" is a specialty school with three departments - art, music and choreography. There are group formations for folklore and modern dances, studios of fine and applied arts, music ensembles in the school. Our school is a comprehensive school. There are 500 students from 6 to 19 years old, giving equal access to the teaching process to all pupils and those with special educational needs: disabled , pupils at risk of social exclusion, orphans. There are three education levels- I-IV classes ( primary school), V-VIII classes and IX-XII ( Secondary shool). There are 51 teachers in different school subjects. There is a specialized teachers team who supports the children with special needs and those with problems with the learning. Our school is specialized in the areas of Music, Arts and Dances. In the music classes our specialist teaches folklore, classical music and pop singing. Our students learn how to play- the piano, accordeon, violin and other Bulgarian folklore instruments. There are some singing groups. In the arts classes, our artists teach Design,Fashion, Graphics, Fine Arts. There are different kinds of students in our school. There are students with different social status. Some of the children come from rich families. But most of the students come from poor and illiterate families. Many of our students live in the villages near the town and these students go to school by school buses. That is why they are at risk to leave school earlier. That's why this European projects will be very motivating and useful to give lots of opportunities to these students. Our school has already participated in a lot of European projects: Comenius: "Ecological expedition", "European Puzzle'', ''Save the Butterflies, Save the world'', ''H.E.L.P'', '' Together for a Creative world''. We have also worked on many eTwinning projects and experience of the organisation in National educational projects. All of our teachers and most of the pupils know the areas relevant for this how to work in projects like this. Their past experience is a real useful help for implementation of this project. All of them are high qualified and experienced. They are strongly motivated to work in this project. They want to contribute to fulfill the objectives of the project. We can count on our students' parents support. Our students are very talented, they win a lot if competitions, they take parts in many exhibitions, concerts, festivals on local , regional, national and inter The coordinator is V. Chervenkova, but also E. Stoichkova - Bulgarian language teacher ,V. Angelov for ICT and I. Gavrilov , Music teacher.