Project summary

The project "Following the Waves of Music around Europe" is a response to the needs and objectives defined by the principals, teachers and students of organizations from six

countries:Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The departure point was an art form. MUSIC, that constitutes a universal language, which as regarded as a very special way to motivate, inform and form. The national and traditional music of each country will be regarded as people's heritage in an Europe of all. 

Each project partner brings to it their examples of the best practices. One of our final products of the project is to create and publish an e-book about the research, activities, events, methodology, evaluation and dissemination of it. The e-book will be written in English and translated into the native languages of the partner countries. However the other Internet tools will be important part of the project to communicate ,show our project from the school community to the territory around the same schools.

The other one will be a DVD of the students playing pieces and presenting the performance of the final concert as symbol of cooperation and inclusion.

These two products will be the glass of our main goals:

- Formation through music as a transversal mean of learning and living;

- Knowledge of the European heritage;

- Exchange of multicultural experiences;

- Exchange of good practices;

- Shaping the attitudes of tolerance and openness;

- Culture broadening;

- Development of ICT skills;

- Improvement of foreign languages.

The achievement of these results depends greatly of the detailed strategies above announced:

- Six International meetings - Italy, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Portugal and Spain;

- School meetings;

- Contacts with municipality and institutions;

- Interviews, work in/out of the classroom - workshops, seminars, open days, participant observation, discussion, brainstorming, working by design, teamwork, analysis of activities, analysis of documents and traditional pieces of music;

- Rehearsal for the shows/events;

- Dissemination;

- Budget control;

- Management control;

- Monitoring and evaluation/reformulation and whenever necessary.

Permanent continuity of the varied activities and results of this project, after its closure, will grant security for new challenge as this one, and the promotion of new initiatives with an even higher degree of motivation, enriched by the acquired experience and the satisfaction, as well as very specifically the improvement of our students' success and well-being. Thanks to the socials, we'll go on showing to the other schools and the territory our experience, trying to motivate this experience ant the importance of our EUROPEAN HERITAGE THROUGH MUSIC