After the project`s end
Plans to continue using the results

The partners and students of this project are all committed to a view of learning and playing folk

music in a way as to rethink and be nearer to this world, which was becoming set apart by

youngsters. Moreover it will be an opportunity to go on:

- searching mutual information concerning countries, cultures, religion and lifestyles;

- Increasing the students' motivation and capacity to communicate in a foreign language;

- The development of respect and tolerance capacity through activities which require intercultural


- Enhancing people awareness of Europe's ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, and gender


- having opportunities for multidisciplinary teams of teachers to cooperate in order to achieve the

project objectives;

- having the improvement of ICT abilities and linguistic competence of students and teachers;

-  experimenting new teaching methods, which teachers will finally adopt and use, as these methods will activate students;

- developing an understanding of the different countries' history and current lifestyles, and make

comparisons of everyday life and values. In developing and sharing good practice pupils will also be interpreting cultural perspectives and collaboratively work to overcome barriers of language and learning styles,

- keeping in touch between students and teachers forging a warm relationship and they can visit each other in later (future) time;

- knowing European music in their adult time (period), which might have a big impact on their


- developing willingness and motivation to be active EU citizens and a positive attitude towards

cultural diversity;

- involving families actively in future projects and exchange experiences with people from other

cultures and countries.

To continue using the results of the project we will create a workspace of our project on eTwinning

platform and invite more teachers and students from all participating schools to join it.

There will be organized eTwinning workshops for teachers involved in that project and announced on eTwinning portal.

The project website will be regularly updated with our project activities.

We will prepare and publish 2 brochures describing our activities - after the first project year and in the end.

An Open Day of the project and Erasmus + program will be organised in each school once a year.

A Music Festival will be held in Italy as conclusive step.

The activities will be popularised through regional television channels and newspapers.

We will prepare and publish a common DVD with the recording or the videos of national traditional music played by the students of the different countries and a book with the pieces of music played.

An Ebook will collect all the material produced before and during the meetings .

Parents, school headmasters, local newspaper journalists will be invited to the events during the

visits in order to inform them of the results, activities and mobilities that have taken place.