Project Management and Responsibilities
List of tasks and responsibilities

Francesca Tournier

Main Coordinator/

Instituto comprensivo modugno galilei/ 

Vera Tzimorota

Coordinator/ Mousiko Sxoleio Katerini

Andrea Magyar

Coordinator / Hodmezovasarhelyi Liszt Ferenc Enek-zenei

Altalanos Iskola

Rui Paulo Martins de Oliveira Santos

Coordinator / Agrupamento de Escolas António Correia


Maria Luisa Alonso Garsia



Vanya Chervenkova

Coordinator / SU "Otec Paisii"

Tasks and responsibility

- ITALY - Coordinator takes care of observing deadlines and tasks distribution among partners; Will research different web tools, according to the activities, in which students in ITC classes will make their presentations to include in the blogs ; it will organize the "Music festival" on the final meeting, with pieces of music from the different partners.

Bulgaria - coordinating the dissemination events, the promoting materials: Website

Portugal - time and quality management of the project; Ebook

Hungary - Etwinning platform

Greece - logo and label creation and the sustainability of the project.satisfaction and evaluation

questionnaires about the project

Spain - The risk management and the implementation processes of the project; Blog

Each partner will be responsible for the Erasmus corner in their schools .The partner schools will

organize hosting, the project meetings, prepare the activities thoroughly, hotel bookings, official

meetings, workshops and music festival with the community sections of the application form were debated and became part of the application form only after partners reached a conclusion during a collaboration using mails and Google drive tools. Partners have decided about project products, events and methods. 

1st group of team members : project coordinators of the schools who are overall responsible for the project from a strategic and individual participating organisation perspective.

2nd group of team members will act as music teachers with specialist expertise in music and

instruments and in Technology. They will be responsible for the preparation of music pieces and their playing, but also for the organization of the choir. The technology teacher will help for the activities based on technological devices.They will be responsible for resources and delivery of activities based on the culture of music and the influences from other countries.

3rd group of team members will be the foreign language teachers: those responsible for liaising with the other partners using English during the meetings and working with the material to be produced by the students and to prepare them for the upcoming encounters with their foreign peers. 

The final group of team members will be the group of collaborators of different subjects (Art, PE,

History, Geography, Literature ) who will be responsible for guiding the activities planned during the meetings and throughly in each school.