1st meeting in Alcala De Henares, Spain 


Before the meeting

  1. Presentation of the project to the School Community
  2. Presentation of the each partner-school through a web presentation
  3. Distributing tasks in schools with different teams
  4. Forming an Erasmus+ Corner in each school
  5. School competition to create a project logo
  6. Creation of the main blog, a project website, each partner blog and eTwinning
  7. Selection of the web tools
  8. Sharing through internet of the folk pieces that music teachers have to teach to students who will take part of the mobility and the rest of the school.
  9. Make a survey on eTwinning what students from partner schools know about Spanish (folk) music. Presentation of results on the blog
  10. Students from other countries have to prepare a little sample exhibition of folk music from their countries to show in our School concert.

Music in the air

During the meeting

  1. Students will visit the Pre-school students to show them some samples of folk music from their countries. A visit to the city playing a musical gimkana around the historical monuments.
  2. Students will do a radio program about the kind of folk music in their countries. After doing the draft, the program will be emitted in our radio station and record as a podcast to put in the blog or eTwinnig space.
  3. Every group of students and teachers will do a presentation of the different styles of spanish folk music, spanish traditional music instruments and spanish musicians. The visit to a Spanish guitar factory or to a city where the "Aranjuez Concert" is based on.
  4. Rehearsal: the students from the other countries have time to prepare their music for the concert; and watch the spanish students performance. Participation in the School concert show offered to the school families when we celebrate the music day in Spain (Santa Cecilia)