4th meeting in Vratsa, Bulgaria


Before the meeting

  1. Ebook about the history, characteristics of the songs, instruments and singers
  2. Publication, on the blog, a podcast of the audio of musical style
  3. Lecture about folk music with orchestra and choir
  4. Christmas decoration with the theme music
  5. Collection of lyrics from local folklore
  6. Choosing the best project logo
  7. Ebook with the the lyrics from local folklore of the last meeting and the events during it.
  8. The lyrics and the way of life, which marked an era.
  9. Ebook with description of a daily life
  10. Recreate the letters and sounds in the discipline of Music Education
  11. Make a survey on eTwinning what students from partner schools know about Bulgarian (folk) music.
  12. Students from each partner school prepare a short video film on the topic Music is everywhere and how music impacts our everyday life, which they will present when the teams meet.

The Magic of the Art and Music

During the meeting

  1. Reception of the participants
  2.  Presentation of the Erasmus teams
  3.  Headmaster's speech, visiting school
  4.  Teacher working meetings, assessing the progress of the project and evaluation of project
  5.  A welcoming concert, attending some classes, singing songs together
  6.  Learning a Bulgarian national dance
  7.  Art workshop on painting
  8.  A performance of traditional folklore dances from each country
  9.  Visit places of cultural interest